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Apple Cider Vinegar: My Experience

I started taking 2 tablespoons (TBSP) Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) diluted into 1 cup (8 oz) of filtered water on the morning of July 6th, 2017. The reason I wanted to start taking ACV was because of all the great things people have been telling me it has on the body and how it makes them feel (more energy, less appetite). It is also a cheaper way to keep the body detoxified, full of energy, and have less food cravings.

I recommend eating 10-30 minutes before starting, and maybe a healthy slice of bread, or tiny snack, if you get the shakes or hungry to curve this away. Since ACV is very acidic, do not take on an empty stomach. If you feel shaky, dizzy, light headed, do not operate any type of machinery.

*forgot to mention that the first 3 days, I had to use the potty (#2) within 20 minutes!

Day 1: Got shaky and hungry. Felt like I had “butter” fingers since I dropped a few things throughout the day. A little shaky, my body, not actually shaking, but shake feeling. But not as hungry after an hour of taking it for the rest of the day (I ate less, got full sooner when I ate lunch and dinner). I had more energy.

Day 2: took about same time, after breakfast. Needed a slice of bread about 15 minutes later. Felt a little shaky but not as much as day 1. Less appetite throughout the day. I had more energy and felt ready for the day.

Day 3: took around same time, did not need the bread this time. Very little shaky feeling. Had more energy and was ready for the day.

Day 4: took around same time (15 minutes after breakfast). No need for the snack and ate less throughout the day, I had energy and felt good.

Day 5: took at usual time. Same as day 4.

Day 6: I got busy this morning and took it in the late afternoon, just 1 TBSP. No shaky feeling, no need for a snack, and got full quick at dinner.

Day 7: took 2 TBSP in the morning. I did have a parfait mid morning. Doing good, a little groggy, but full of energy and awake.

Day 8: took same amount at usual time. still feeling good with more energy and less appetite.

Day 9 to Day 11: Got busy and forgot to take

Day 12: took 2 tbsp at usual time. felt great. More energy. ate less.

Day 13: Took 1 tbsp ACV and 1/2 tbsp of lemon juice. Feel good. Less appetite, full quicker, more energy

As of 7/26/17 I am still doing ACV daily, 1-2 TBSP diluted in 4-8 oz class of filtered water, in the morning, and I plan on continuing taking ACV daily as it has helped improve my mood & energy, decreased my appetite, and my bowl movements have also improved.

I would recommend drinking it slow, and diluted, so any side effects are not too overwhelming. Stick with it. Like most “diet” changes, detoxifing, the first couple days will have the most “side effets”, but then your body gets used/adjusts to it, and usually for the better.

Other great benefits of ACV

As of December 2017, I  continue to take ACV, miss a few days here and there, and have noticed a weight loss and better health.

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