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Goat Milk

Sadly goat milk has been be-littled in the U.S.A. Only in the United States is cow milk mostly consumed. Americans have been directed towards things they should eat, drink, own…just about anything in a “normal life” that is putting money into corporations, etc, and destroying our bodies and our planet. But more on that in another post, straight to information about goats milk. Goat milk does not have to have that “goaty” taste. If you keep the male goat separate from the milking goats during the milk season, that “goaty” taste will not be present. In fact, since I myself do not like the taste of cows milk, I like, and want, goats milk. It tastes similar to cows milk, but has less of a “lacty” taste. So for those who do not like milk but want all the benefits milk offers, look for raw goats milk near you (as you should not eat, or drink,  things more than an hour away unless you know the source and can manage the proper transportation and storage).

We love animals and believe in treating them like family, neighborly. So when you read the articles how goats milk does not have the “goaty” taste, the separating of the male, just put them in a separate field, maybe with the “kids” (baby goat) or another animal that they get along with, and they can be back with the “tribe” after milking season.


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