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Some Healthy Choices

We have recently changed our diet and where we get our hygiene and cleaning products. We try to get as much as we can from local farms, farmers markets and be organic as possible. We look at all the ingredients, organic or not, to see which harmful ingredients we could be exposing ourselves to. As a good practice you should look up the ingredient(s) for items that you put into your cart. As an example¬†Carrageenan¬†and Tocopheryl Acetate are a few ingredients that can be found in organic, & non organic, products that are considered not safe. We are always doing research on ingredients in food, soaps, cleansers… Be sure you are well educated on what you put into, and on, your body, and especially your children’s.

Be sure to ask questions when you go to a farmers market, local farm, even the different departments in grocery stores (what pesticides do you use, how organic is your product, is it local, can we visit your farm, what is the life expectancy of said item…). Just cuz it comes from a plant, does not mean that our bodies can use it. It is definitely easier said than done.

Some brands we get, if we can’t get from Farmers Markets or local farms, are Great River Organic Milling Company, Cascadian Farm Organic, Love Grown, Siggi, Fage, and Dr Bronner’s.

If you know more, please feel free to comment and add, Thank you.